Dam örtüyü üçün yumşaq materialların və hidroizolyasiya materiallarının istehsalı


The decline in construction has affected the consumption of virtually all types of building materials. As a result, the construction industry enterprises in 2008-2009. were forced to reduce production volumes.
So, according to Rosstat, the production of “other non-metallic mineral products”, which include building materials, in 2009 decreased by 27.5%, incl. in the first half of the year - by 34.7%: of all the most important types of building materials, in 2009 only the production of building and window glass increased, while the output of all other basic building materials decreased. The dynamics of changes in production volumes (Fig. 4) looked alarmingly: during the first half of the year, the rates of decline in production volumes decreased, but since August they began to grow again....