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Çetra Group un Azərbaycandakı rəsmi distrubutoru

CHETRA LLC is the Russian company that exclusively sells industrial machinery and spare parts under the brand CHETRA manufactured by Promtractor plants, as well as exclusively supplies spare parts and undercarriage systems under the brand CHAZ manufactured by Cheboksary Aggregate plant.

CHETRA machinery is used in the construction of major production sites, seaports, development of mineral deposits and pipeline construction in 30 countries across the world and in all climatic zones. More than 3,000 units of machinery under the CHETRA brand are currently in operation in the Russian Federation and abroad.

The reliability and high quality of CHETRA machinery was confirmed in the course of the work on such large projects as the construction of "Eastern Siberia Pacific Ocean oil pipeline", "Sakhalin-2" and such pipelines as "Blue Stream", "Vankor Purpe", "Pochinki Gryazovets".

The main purpose of the company is to provide its partners and customers with modern highly effective special machinery for the successful implementation of projects even in areas with complex climatic and geological background. The creation of the most comfortable conditions for operators, integration of automated systems and regular work on improving the capabilities of CHETRA - those are the priorities that the company is currently following today.

Çetra Group un Azərbaycandakı rəsmi distrubutoru şəkil

Çetra Group un Azərbaycandakı rəsmi distrubutoru şəkil

Çetra Group un Azərbaycandakı rəsmi distrubutoru şəkil

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