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Spa- and Wellness Resort Lenkoran, Azerbaijan

In January 2017 INPROCON MMC was commissioned for the construction management at risk and design coordination of the project „Spa- and Wellness resort Lenkoran“. The scope of services of INPROCON comprises of the project management, construction supervision, technical management, commercial management, design coordination and building services.
In the project BIM (Building Information Modelling) will be implemented, which includes the collision check of the 3D design, adding further attributes to the design and development of a 4D (time schedule) model.
The Spa- und Wellness resort Lenkoran is located in the city of Lenkoran, in the south-eastern part of Azerbaijan, at approx. 7.5 km distance to the Caspian Sea. The size of the plot area is approx. 115,000 m², the construction area approx. 27,865 m². The complex will consist of a hotel, a wellness and health centre, a thermal bath and a public spa area.

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