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Thermal insulation

thermal Insulation

currently, basalt fiber insulation is one of the most popular thermal insulation materials, as it has a number of undeniable advantages. 

Basalt insulation is actively used for sound proofing, waterproofing as well as walls, roofs, Foundation and even communication pipes.

Features and specifications

a Significant advantage of the material – safety for humans, the environment. Production of a heater is carried out from rocks by means of melt and transformation into fibers at high-temperature blowing. Basalt insulation to buy-the perfect solution, as compared with other types of mineral wool, it has unique technical characteristics: 

1. Fire safety. Production of a heater is carried out, as a rule, from incombustible breeds. Between the fibers is air, so the material is characterized by low thermal conductivity. It perfectly withstands high temperatures, open fire, so you can buy basalt fiber for insulation of various heating pipes.

2. Water and steam tightness. Mineral wool based on basalt does not absorb moisture, so it is actively used for insulation of saunas, swimming pools and other premises with high humidity. The property to pass, but not to absorb steam allows you to withdraw from the premises of the pair, without holding them on the surface of the walls and without forming a condensate. 

3. Sound insulation characteristics. The air between the fibers perfectly absorbs sound, which gives the material good sound insulation properties. 

4. Strength, reliability. The material itself is soft, has a low density, but quite durable, perfectly retains its characteristics at high loads. Basalt insulation  can be purchased in different densities. The choice of material must be made depending on the characteristics of the application. 

5. Protective properties. The material consists of chemical components that do not react with water, air, so its use allows you to protect the metal structure from corrosion, and wood – from mold and mildew. 

Scope of use

currently, insulation is widely used in almost all construction areas. It is used for insulation of roofs, walls, partitions, ceilings. The unique properties of basalt fiber allow it to be used in places where other thermal insulation materials are inappropriate to apply: 

• baths, saunas; 

• wet facades; 

• ship structures; 

• pipelines and others.


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