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Landscape Design

Landscape Design 

Landscape design is the art of organizing or changing the characteristics of a courtyard, urban area, etc. A team of the most experienced professionals is ready to provide you with landscape design services.

Our platform “Tender.az” will gladly help you to realize the most daring ideas of landscape design as well as the interior and exterior design of a country house or a summer cottage. With us, you can order the service Construction of turnkey houses - from the project of landscape design to its implementation. 

Entrust the improvement of your site to us. In Repair of Offices and Objects Landscape Design is also required. The services of the customer are always provided with such opportunities of landscape design as design, gardening of courtyards and personal plots, cultivation and care of various plants and much more.  

Landscaping plots and their design can be a simple and accessible stage on the way to creating your own garden, if professionals work with the creation of landscape design.


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