What kind of rings are there

It is believed that the ring should complement the image, give personality and delight its owner, in addition, harmoniously fit into a common bow.

According to the classification, the following types of rings are distinguished:

An ordinary engagement ring is considered a symbol of love and understanding. Ancient beliefs say that it should be even and smooth, then the newlyweds will live a long happy life. 

Modern engagement rings abound with a variety of patterns, different types and colors, with inlay and filigree. Presentation of the engagement ring is inspired by Western traditions and has become an integral part of the marriage proposal. 

For this case, choose the classic solitaire ring with one stone (solitaire ring). The accessory complements the engagement ring or a separate piece of jewelry worn on the ring finger. Designers offer another wonderful option that can serve as an engagement. 

A stylish decoration called a halo, in the center of which there is an insert in the form of a precious or semi-precious stone, the bends of which are repeated by a scattering of small gems; The tendency to wear thick fingerprints appeared relatively recently as an echo of classic men's fashion. 

Fancy shocking jewelry in this style will be appreciated by fans of shocking and punk rock, and a square shape with a gem of a square shape will be a chic addition to business style. 

The path of precious stones along the body of the rim, symbolizing eternal love, has acquired the symbolic name “Ring of Eternity”. It is customary to give it to a loved one as a symbol of endless love and devotion, and that moment when great changes are supposed in personal life. A cute product, which consists of three shinks, each of which has its own meaning: fidelity, friendship and love - bears the symbolic name of trinity. This is a great gift for an anniversary dating or marriage. It is suitable for women of different ages, as a symbol of devotion and mutual understanding. 

Beautiful dual options will suit lovers of ethnic style and will please fans of oriental traditions. But giving preference to dual models should take into account their peculiarity to hamper the movement of the fingers. Therefore, it is advisable to wear the product on your left hand, if the owner is left-handed, on the middle and ring finger. Unclosed - enchanting fantasy flight of jewelers.

Products with an abundance of decorative elements with stones and pearl placers will adorn the delicate fingers of lovers of a romantic image.

Thin ring models on phalanxes of fingers differ graceful, almost imperceptible lines and gentle flickering of faces. The design of the product allows you to wear many rings on one hand, and the masthead only benefits from this, acquiring a weightless note of lightness and airiness. Original cocktail options with a rising rim are suitable for an event. 

In this decoration it is impossible to go unnoticed or get lost in the crowd. Models are suitable for a grand party, will be a worthy addition to an evening dress, carnival costume or outfits in a shocking style. Stylish examples with geometric patterns do not leave the podium for several seasons in a row. Restrained edges attract the attention of others, serve as the perfect complement to business suits and everyday looks. As you know, geometric shapes have an active message. 

This feature should be taken into account when choosing wardrobe items and jewelry-companions. When choosing jewelry it is easy to get lost among the types, shapes and variety of the offered and options.  


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