Shooting commercials for placement on Internet platforms and resources is called video advertising. It would seem, and what is the difference with television? Is there a significant difference in shooting a commercial on TV and producing commercials for the world wide web? Of course! Video advertising is a mandatory tool for any company that looks to the future, because it is the Internet and everything that happens here today that sets the trends of the entire advertising industry. 


Interactivity. You've probably seen funny promotional videos on YouTube or Vimeo. You liked it - you put a thumbs up and even wrote a laudatory review. You were dissatisfied or outraged - and now the band of dislikes under the video begins to grow rapidly. The rise of views, likes, comments and ongoing discussions of your video on the network give the most complete picture of the perception of the advertising appeal. Visibility of results. 

Also on the platform of the you can find stands for exhibitions, outdoor advertising 

Any video hosting or other Internet resource gives advertisers clear figures for views, comments, likes... and transitions on their site. Accurate hit to the target audience. 

Social networks and other Internet resources provide maximum demographic information to advertisers: region, gender, age, interests (tracked by likes and views of other videos). This way you don't have to worry about views “merging” to the wrong users. Low price for accommodation. 

Creating commercials is not a cheap pleasure, as well as creating any high-quality video content. But in most cases, their placement on the network and distribution of all kinds of resources is much less than the broadcast of television advertising. Diversity. Videos for the Internet are not limited in timing. 

This allows you to present useful and entertaining content for any purpose, any format: promotional videos, viral videos, training videos, interviews, report on the event, etc.

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