Production of construction metalwork, today, is one of the most actual questions. Nowadays, the production of metal structures does not stand still, because these elements are used for the reconstruction and construction of buildings and structures. 

in particular, they are widely used where there are large spans, high altitude and significant loads. Since the volume of construction is constantly growing, the manufacture of metal structures also does not stand still, because the need for their use is very high.

Experts on

the Use of advanced technologies and modern equipment has led to the fact that the manufacture of building metal structures is performed using combined elements. 

the Metal structure are classified as follows:


assembled bolt-on 

assembled with rivets Welded metal structures are distinguished by special strength.  

Prefabricated metal is highly mobile and versatile.  

Metal structures are distinguished by a large number of advantages, such as strength and reliability, durability, fire safety, and environmental friendliness.

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