Quality design is the quality of life. In whatever area the designer worked, he creates a world parallel to the natural one.
Free possession of the principles of compositional construction, a subtle understanding of the harmony of color, the use of the possibilities of light underlie successful design activities. It is these key positions are considered in the course "Fundamentals of Design."
The goal of the course is the formation of basic knowledge and skills for working in any field of design and related areas - printing and visualization and animation, film and video business, photography, scenography, decoration, advertising, interior design, landscape design, etc.
The express course "Basics of Design" introduces listeners in theory and practice to the fundamental concepts in design - color, light, composition. The course is basic for the whole range of computer graphics programs, as well as for theoretical courses on advertising, interior design, landscape design, photography, etc.

The course is designed for designers of all directions, photographers, artists, printers, advertising specialists, visualizers, decorators, set designers, as well as all those who want to perceive the world around them more deeply and richer.

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