"Tender" of the Term (which means "offer" in English) has long been firmly entered into our lives. Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that it was not investigated, therefore it is advisable to consider it in more detail. So what is a tender and how is it done? What is the history of its creation in Azerbaijan and abroad? What types and how to buy and win a tender?

In fact, the competitive form of competitor competition is a word. These proposals include the sale of goods, services, etc. - may have different zones.

What is the essence of tenders? A competition is announced for the selection of more advantageous offers with the customer (buyer), with predetermined characteristics of goods or services. Compares the offers of different companies. It was proposed that he sign a contract with the best participant.

Tender - What is it? At this time, the client is waiting for everyone who wants to trade. Information about the competition is distributed through various sources (official websites, newsletters, etc.). Costs that are not too high for the tender documentation, are its creation, free of charge or very common. Documents - stores information about the conditions of participation in the event.

What are the benefits of an open tender? This type of trading allows potential visitors to meet and understand the nuances of the competition, and sometimes the opportunity to get a chance to get the most affordable offers. The choice of such a scheme allows to take into account a large number of proposals and make the client better for this. These types of tenders and government procurement are often used, and they are rarely used in a normal business environment. An open look can be quite effective, because it is a kind of motivation that intensifies the competition, which allows the client to really receive valuable offers. But this increases the burden on staff, because it is not the number of participants.

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